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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][alc_player_gbg_stats player_id=”default” number=”4″ team=”178″ team_id=”179″ title=”Last Games Log” player_stats=”61, 15, 72, 16, 73, 75, 17, 18″][alc_post_loop items_per_page=”4″ title=”Player Related News” link=”url:%23|title:See%20All%20News||” taxonomies_categories=”the-team”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][alc_social_buttons values=””][alc_player_stats player_id=”default” style_type=”style_hide_banner” display_detailed_stats=”1″ title=”Player Main Stats”][alc_newslog title=”Player Newslog”][alc_newslog_item date=”January 19, 2016″]James Messinal’s knee fracture is healing properly and will be returning to the field next week.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item date=”September 26, 2016″]James Messinal has a knee fracture and he’s gonna be out of the play for 4 months.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”join” date=”September 6, 2016″]James Messinal is now the 1st Shooting Guard after being 3rd Shooting Guard for the past year.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item date=”March 4, 2016″]James Messinal has an abductor strain so he will miss the next game against the LA Pirates.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”award” date=”August 17, 2015″]James Messinal won the Player of the Year 2014 Award for the first time.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item date=”August 5, 2015″]James Messinal has a lower back contusion and will miss the next two games.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”join” date=”June 19, 2013″]James Messinal has joined the team after playing for the California Surfers for a year.[/alc_newslog_item][/alc_newslog][/vc_column][/vc_row]