Season 2018 will definitely go down as a success as we looked to build our off field status, in
the hope that on-field success would follow. The influx of some handy recruits and the
continued improvement of our seasoned players meant that we were able to finish the
season with 4 wins and a draw placing us in 6th Spot on the ladder, an enormous
improvement on the last two seasons.

The club was built around 4 pillars – Hard work ethic, Commitment (to yourselves and
team-mates), a contagious Positive Culture and creating an Excuse Free Zone. These
pillars were the foundations of our improvement which transferred to on-field
success. The Wolves were competitive in almost every game they played this year and even
when we played the top teams, we played our style and did not worry about scoreboard

As we look to build for 2019, with the addition of a Women’s team (Div 2) we are
working hard on recruitment with the hope that a second team will assist in the
development of players in a game scenario. We expect that this will attract players of all
abilities to the club in line with the Sydney AFL restructure.

Leadership with the Wolves is certainly a strength and a massive well done should be given
to Melly, Jimmy, Sian and Noodles who have not only enforced the pillars but provided
enormous support to the coaching staff throughout season 2018. The highlight from the
coach’s perspective was our effort against UTS where everything clicked (our game style and
commitment) and we were able to achieve a 67 point thumping of our rivals.

With Wests juniors Youth Girls coming through and our established positive culture the
future of the soon to be Western Suburbs Magpies women’s team looks strong. Bring on season 2019!