The 72nd Annual General Meeting of the Inner West Magpies was held on the 2nd of October 2019 at the Skyline Room

Following the adoption of the outcomes of the 2019 AGM and the consideration and approval of the Annual Report and audited Financial Report,  the 2018/19 Committee stood down to allow the election of the 2019/20 Committee 

Peter Barry as the presiding electoral officer conducted the election of the office members and general committee members of the Club in accordance with the Constitution of the Club.

The 2019 committee for the Inner West Magpies AFL for the 2020 season is:

Nick Miller            President

Yvette Andrews    Vice President 

Carlo Zoppo         Secretary 

Andrew Taylor      Assistant Secretary /Registrar 

Rochelle Polley    Treasurer 

General Committee members:

Callum McEvoy-Gray

Sophie McDonald

Matt Piper

Peter Gay

Dave Spence 

Brian Nieser 

Following the conclusion of the meeting a number of sub-committees were agreed upon for the upcoming season.  The sub-committees meet outside of Committee meetings and provide advice to the Committee on a broad range of matter of importance to the club   

If you would like to have some involvement in the running of the club without being on the Committee, playing a part in a sub committee might be for you.  

Involvement may be limited to one sub committee or one aspect of the sub-committee for example you may wish to plan one social event for the season. Each sub-committee has a member of the Committee so if you are interested in playing a part contact the Committee members on each sub committee 

The nominated sub-committees are:

Sponsorship – Yvette Andrews and Andrew Taylor of the Committee with Sophie, Jarryd Polley and Che Taylor

Events /Fundraising – Rochelle with Ben Polley and Sophia

Ground Management / Match Day – Peter Gay, Nick Miller with Warwick and Stu

Players Committee – Callum McEvoy-Gray with Ben Polley, Mel and Stuart

Footy Operations – Dave Spence and Andrew Taylor

Social Media/Communications – Matthew Piper, Sophia, Eliza and Che Taylor

The first meeting of the newly formed Committee is 6 November 2019 at 7pm