For the second year running WSAFC partnered with Holroyd Parramatta to enter a team in
the U19 Division 2 competition. WSJAFC provided 10 players and Holroyd Parramatta 22.
Both clubs have agreed to continue the partnership in 2019.

Right from the beginning of the season it was clear we were competitive against all the
other teams. It was hard to judge the quality of the university teams as they had Division 1
teams loaded with representative players. So when those players were away their Div 1
sides were topped up by the better Div 2 players. Eventual premiers, Southern Power, were
strong all year. Our development was demonstrated by the fact that Southern Power beat
us by around 100 points in an early season game, then eight goals in the middle of year and
then then by just four goals in the last home and game. Their management was most
worried about playing us in the Grand Final as they considered us their biggest challenge.
we didn’t make the Grand Final, going down to UNSW in the qualifying final.

This year we had three of our under age players designated to play in Premier Division or
Reserves all season. One played the whole season in Prems, another had a
injury in the first round and the third dropped back to the 19s half way through the season
due to a leg injury. We had four other underage players who played several
games in Premier Division. While this experience was extremely beneficial for the
individuals and therefore good for the club long term, it did mean our 19s program was not
as strong this season.

Many thanks to Mark Penna, Marcus Pasfield and Pheo Duong from Holroyd Parramatta for
their roles in coaching and managing and to John Manfredas from WSAFC for his role in
managing. A special thanks to David Spence from WSAFC and the Parramatta
Committee for their support in attending games. Also, thanks to Ben Polley, Jakson Cowley
and Elliot Harper for their help at training during our finals campaign.