The 2018 season for Reserve Grade was a disappointing follow up to a particularly successful previous year. With a large number of players ‘retiring’ from the 2017 season it was a very new list of players coming together this year and depth was an ongoing issue, not only for Reserve Grade but for the club in general. We did have a 6−8 first year players this season who formed the core of the playing group in setting an example for training attendance and commitment to the season.

The ladder was a fair indication of the lack of success this year, however there were more than a few games where the result could have easily been reversed and a few wins notched up, however the story throughout the season was a fairly consistent one — a competitive performance that saw us drop off for half a each week and let the game slip away. On top of this we just didn’t seem to get any luck when we needed just a little bit of it to get the job done on any given Saturday, but in the end that is football.

Not being able to get a consistent 22 players on the field each week was definitely a huge factor in the disappointing season. For various reasons including work, travel and injuries, players were asked to play different roles week to week and inevitably led to some guys playing positions they had little experience in, and contributed to the team not really being able to settle as a unit. Without any commitment to getting to training it was also difficult to get structure into our side, and almost impossible to develop a game style that the team was on board with.

On a positive note the playing group, as a varied as it was week to week, turned up with an enthusiasm and an attitude to improve with each game. The strength of the side this year was the desire to compete and to do the basics well, and this showed in some of our best games coming from a side pieced together with guys just wanting to play football for and with each other, to wear the WS jersey with pride and to enjoy playing football.